What is a game level designer?

“Level design can span a range of aspects from scripting events to placing meshes and building environments; anything that involves creating levels to be used as playable areas in game. A level designer may need to be part game designer, part architect, and part artist with a touch of technical thrown in to be able to handle all the jobs that can be involved in the important and complex task of creating game levels for todays modern games.”
Unreal Development Documentation 

Game level design is one of the more “jack-of-all-trades” roles in game design. As a game level designer, you will be involved in multiple aspects of the game from dealing with the code that enables animation and interaction through to the creative art that makes the game look realistic and engaging. On small teams you will find yourself filling more of these roles and on larger teams you will find yourself working with specialists in code, design, animation, and storytelling.

At Guru, you will learn the foundations of game level design starting with basic game engine development. You will then expand your skills through creating levels form more and more complex game engines culminating with AAA game environments such as Unity and the UDK. Combining these skills with the skills you develop in the interaction design component of the program, you will be comfortable working in both the entertainment and corporate project environments.

Apply today for the Video Game Design Diploma program and set your sights on a career as a game level designer!

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