Welcome to 2017, graduates.

Yesterday evening, our faculty, some of our current students and alumni gathered to celebrate the graduation of 16 new digital media professionals. In all, about 80 friends, family, and colleagues joined us to cheer them on as they begin their extraordinary careers.

The ceremony was held in the Prism room of the Matrix Hotel. The space was cozy, but electric with anticipation, heart-felt messages, and celebration.

EDAC’s executive director officiated the ceremony, each program’s faculty shared a few words and some interactive moments (Jeremy and Heiko’s  grad selfies have raised the bar on impromptu moments while crossing the floor).

EDAC’s chair of research and innovation, Patrick Finn, sent an inspiring speech for the graduands that Owen read. The impact of his words were palpable. Here is a transcript of his speech:

“We live in an extraordinary time. A time of change. A time of challenge and a time of transformation.

People have different names for it: some are positive, and some negative.

This is the information age, this is the digital age; it is the age of revolution, the age of renaissance, and the age of endless potential. This is your age. You are the Renaissance masters of today. You are artists. You are the ones who the world turns to in times of great challenge, and change.

What you have done to arrive here this evening is a demonstration that you are leaders. The artist takes whatever happens, and then acts. It does not matter what happens, or where it occurs; the artist creates. Steve Jobs liked to say that ‘true artists ship.’ What he meant was that the artist is always ready to roll up their sleeves and do their work.

Never forget that this is your time. You have the talents, and training to lead this world. You do not need to worry about being ready…you are ready, and you have done the work to prove it.

So, take this time to feel proud of what you have accomplished. Too often we only stop to reflect on the challenges in life. Make sure to take a moment to truly enjoy the gifts that you have and the work you have done to honour those gifts. Enjoy it. Soon enough you will be back to rolling up your sleeves and doing your work. Soon enough you will be back to changing the world. For now, take the time to be grateful that you were given talent and the drive to develop it. That is a rare gift and it is important to be grateful for the gifts we receive.

This is your time, and you earned it. We are so proud to call you one of our own. We know how much potential you have and we cannot wait to see what you will do.”

– Patrick Finn

The grads received their diplomas and a special new item that we have introduced as part of the graduation ceremony: EDAC’s graduation kit. The kit contains items that will inspire, remind, and add humour to these new digital media creatives’ days.

At EDAC, every part of the journey is important and marks the waypoints on an individual’s career path. And as Owen says, “the door to EDAC is always open for a coffee and a chat. We are all in this together.”

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