Thoughts on Design Fundamentals, with Jeremy Pudlowski

Guru Core Digital Design Instructor Jeremy Pudlowski shares his thoughts on Design Fundamentals and a recent project-in-process from one of his students:

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a computer to be a good graphic designer. Before you can even consider venturing into a career in graphic (digital) design, you must first understand the fundamentals, theory and principles behind what makes good design. For example, consider that ultimately there is no real Photoshop theory, only instruction of Photoshop as a tool and the ability to use Photoshop does not a designer make.

One lesson in becoming a great graphic designer is to pull yourself out of your comfort zone. Guru Digital Design Student Nicolette Leonardis faced this challenge when given a traditional graphic design assignment by Guru instructor Lee Neilson using acetate and marker (as seen in the image below) instead of a compluter. Digital Illustration student Loraine Altmiks was “contracted” by Nicolette to create an Illustration to accompany this piece.

In uniquely Guru fashion, this assignment was treated as a real-world project, from client relations and deadlines to finding and hiring contrators. Although this is not the finished piece, the process alone is an interesting piece of design work. As a creative professional, it is important to think about your process and remember that there is no set-in-stone equation to creativity.

Love Jeremy

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