EDAC is stoked to bring you our Digital Summer Camps series of classes!

These programs are intended for youth in grades 8 to 12. The camps are grouped by age, not skill: junior (grades 8 to 10) and senior (grades 10 to 12). One-week camps are introductory level and the two-week camps focus on developing more advanced skills. Advanced camps are not grouped by age.

We are excited to include two new camps!

NEW! Advanced Camps in August that run for two weeks.
NEW! Nerdy Girls Camps in July & August, by nerdy girls for nerdy girls. (Learn more about why we are offering camps specifically for girls.)

Classes are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

SPACE IS LIMITED SO SIGN UP TODAY! (Fill out the registration form below)

1-week junior and senior camps: $250.
2-week advanced camps: $500.





Making Animations – introduces learners to the world of animation through stop motion, flipbook, 2D & 3D animation projects. Campers will create an animation that they can share with friends and family.

Making Video Games – introduces learners to the world of video game design through the creation of their very own video game. Campers will design and code their own video game using professional tools.

Making Comic Strips – introduces learners to the art of making comic strips. Campers will explore storytelling, character development, layout, background art, and more as they create their own comic strip that they can share with family and friends.

Making Websites – introduces learners to the modern web through the exploration of tools and techniques for building dynamic websites and understand the value of design and user experience. Campers will create their own responsive website that they can view on a computer, tablet or smart device.

Advanced Animations – Over the course of two weeks campers will learn about animation through a series of projects designed to develop their skills in storytelling, character development, lip-synching, and more.

Advanced Video Games – Over the course of two weeks campers will focus on making a video game that utilizes more advanced code and art assets than the one-week course.

Advanced Websites – Advanced campers will look at more sophisticated aspects of web design including creating their own photos and graphics, including video and engaging audiences through modern web navigation and styles.

Advanced Comic Books – From concept to print, comic books require a variety of skills and knowledge to complete. Campers will design and implement a comic book of their own imagining that they can share with friends and family.

Why Nerdy Girls? At EDAC we are eager to encourage young women to nurture their inner nerd and develop the skills they need to explore STEAM-oriented careers. Women are under-represented in the animation and video game industries. In order to encourage more young women to chase their dream of being a game designer or animator we have decided to offer a girls only class to encourage those who might not otherwise feel comfortable in our regular summer camps. Girls are welcome in any of our camps, Nerdy Girls is for those young women who may feel more comfortable in an all-girls setting.

EDAC endeavours to provide a safe and inclusive space for everyone. If your child is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, queer or questioning, we would be happy to enroll them in the camp where they feel most comfortable. If you would like to talk further with us, please feel free to call us at 780-429-4878 or email us.

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