Sea Turtles, Photogrammetry, Blender, and animation ready geometry in living creatures.

On Thursday March 28th, 2018, Jer Bot gave and artists’ talk to our students about his recent work creating animation capable meshes for living creatures that have been scanned in 3D form using a technique called photogrammetry. If you are a fan of EDAC, you know that adjunct faculty member, Owen Murray has been using photogrammetry techniques in Egypt. (

Jer Bot (yes, he legally changed his last name to Bot) is an animator and innovator with a long career in I.T., 3D Animation, and post-production solutions integration. You can see more about him on his website at

For his artist talk, Jer showcased a project he has been working on with the Digital Life project. In this project, he showed the process of capturing the living creature with a photogrammetry camera rig that generate intensely accurate, but quite unusable, for animation purposes, meshes. His goal was to create an animation capable sea turtle. This included an optimized mesh that would stretch and warp as various parts of the model shift during the animation cycle.

Starting from photo data, to a highly detailed model and texture. things called normal maps and dealing with lighting challenges, Jer explored various strategies to create an accurate, optimized model of a sea turtle that is available for everyone to use!

Check out the article on the Digital Life website:



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