April 2018

Sea Turtles, Photogrammetry, Blender, and animation ready geometry in living creatures.

2018-04-12T09:40:01-07:00 3D Animation, Community, News, yegarts|

On Thursday March 28th, 2018, Jer Bot gave and artists' talk to our students about his recent work creating animation capable meshes for living creatures that have been scanned in 3D form using a technique called photogrammetry. If you are a fan of EDAC, you know that adjunct faculty member, Owen Murray has been using [...]

March 2018

EDAC Game Jam is Back!

2018-03-06T14:23:50-07:00 News|

Students at EDAC regularly participate in silo-busting cross-program projects to help them not only refine their technical skills, but also develop skills for working on multi-disciplinary teams. The greatest of these is our one-week-long All-School Game Jam. On Monday morning, the students are divided into teams each comprising members from all four of our programs, illustration, [...]

January 2018

December 2017

Content Creators Unite! Why It Is Vital That We Stop Delineating Content Creators From Game Producers.

2017-12-11T21:08:22-07:00 Community, Creativity, News, Video Game Design|

This is a personal blog post from EDAC's executive director, Owen Brierley. This is the first in a series of posts about the video game industry, Edmonton's relevance in the video game industry, the importance of language as new policies are adopted and the importance of finding common ground with other media forms while still [...]

ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT – Emily Manderscheid

2017-12-06T15:48:09-07:00 News|

Emily Manderscheid is an EDAC Digital Illustration and Sequential Art graduate from 2016. Emily entered the illustration program knowing that afterwards she would pursue a career as a tattoo artist. Here’s some words from her on how she made the transition from digital illustration to tattoo work over the last year.Emily:“Transitioning [...]

Announcing our New Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition Program!

2017-12-05T18:47:51-07:00 Careers in Creative Industries, Collaboration, Community, EDAC NEWS|

EDAC is excited to announce a great new offering that allows those interested in our programs a set of options that help address their learning needs. We have been noticing that some of our applicants have the qualifications and experience that doesn't require them to attend the full duration of one of our programs. These [...]

November 2017

Why are EDAC Programs 10 months long? There is a Method to our Madness and You Will Like Why.

2017-12-05T18:47:51-07:00 Careers in Creative Industries, EDAC life, EDAC NEWS, Pursuing Excellence|

This is a personal blog post from EDAC's Executive Director, Owen Brierley, about why we offer programs that are 10 months long. I have been training and mentoring people since 2002. I have had the pleasure of training some of the best people working in the industry today. I have also worked in a variety [...]

How to save multiple photos into a PDF document

2017-12-05T18:47:51-07:00 News|

Several of the programs at EDAC require a portfolio submission as a part of the application process. To save and send your images in an easy and organized way, the best method is to convert them into a single PDF file. There are many programs which can be used for this task, but for an easy [...]

Why VR and AR are important to your future

2017-11-07T09:10:48-07:00 New Trends, News, Video Game Design|

It seems that Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been all the buzz lately, but are they really that important for your career potential? We believe they are. At EDAC, we have integrated VR projects as part of our curriculum in the Video Game Design diploma program. Our game designers learn to develop [...]

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