How to save multiple photos into a PDF document

Several of the programs at EDAC require a portfolio submission as a part of the application process. To save and send your images in an easy and organized way, the best method is to convert them into a single PDF file. There are many programs which can be used for this task, but for an easy and FREE online tool, follow the steps below!

1. Go to

2.  Select, by tab, which type of file conversion you will use. Most commonly your images will be in JPEG format from your camera or phone. In this case you should choose the JPG to PDF tab.

3.  Click the “Upload Files” button.

4. Select your curated JPEG files and click “Open.”

5. Once your files have finished uploading you can click the “Combined” button and your computer should automatically download the PDF files with all of your images.

6. Once the file shows up in your Downloads Folder, make sure to rename the file with your name or initials and the type of document it is. In this case including that the document is a portfolio and for which program, or school you are submitting the file for. (e.g. KR_Design_Portfolio_EDAC.pdf)

7. Voila! Your portfolio is ready for submission.

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