Game Jam at EDAC

This last weekend saw another exciting event hosted at Edmonton Digital Arts College — Game Jam!

Over the 48-hours of the weekend, competitors worked feverishly in multidisciplinary teams to create a complete video game, start to finish. Six teams comprising 26 participants competed for top honours. First prize was a $50 Steam gift card, second prize was a $25 Steam gift card, and third prize was a $10 gift card to Best Buy.

First place winners for their game "War of the Trinkets"

First place winners for their game “War of the Trinkets.” In the game, Halloween is trying to take over Christmas and Christmas must fight back in tower defense form.

Participants were given the theme “Holiday Spirit” to interpret. The only rule was they had to use the theme literally. It could be any holiday and the word “spirit” could be interpreted as a supernatural being or “spirit of the holiday.”


Second place winners for their game “Holiday Hunt.” In “Holiday Hunt,” you are a kid on Christmas eve trying to find all his hidden presents before Christmas morning in a house with enough surveillance to make the CIA blush.


Third place winners for their game “August Long Weekend.” In “August Long Weekend” you play a holiday spirit attacking other spirits, to get their spirits (alcohol) which increases your spirit (happiness).


Creators of the game “The Huggening”

As the weekend wore on and the competitors wore out, all sorts of hijinks ensued.

One group delved into an hours-long discussion about philosophy which Mark Barazzoul, organizer and faculty head of EDAC’s video game design program, believes strongly contributed to their pun-focused game.


Creators of the game “Too Spooky”

Another participant reportedly seemed to have lost his ability for language, often quizzically  looking at his teammates through drowsy eyes as they tried to communicate with him, but it didn’t seem to affect his ability to write code.

Several participants stayed over through the night and recall waking up on the floor.


Creators of the game “Day of the Dead”

Game Jam was open to creatives with any level of experience in game design, graphics, illustration, graphic design, computer programming, coding, sound effects, music & audio composition, animation, 3D modelling or any related skill set.

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