The Edmonton Digital Arts College Evolution


The team at EDAC is thrilled to present the next exciting change in our 12 year made-in-Edmonton history. This evolution is much more than just a rebrand. Renaming our school to the EDMONTON DIGITAL ARTS COLLEGE represents our continued commitment to outstanding educational delivery, industry relevant and forward thinking curricula, exemplary faculty, authentic community collaboration and most importantly, our resolute commitment to Edmonton.

Our new logo, designed by the brilliant Tanya Camp of, our long-time friend and colleague, is the artistic representation of several key messages:

• The shield reflects our collegiate pride. As one of the longest running post secondary digital arts educational offerings in our city, a stylized coat of arms was a natural progression to support our EDAC’s continued growth.

• The shapes within the shield represent the first elements of the Fibonacci sequence that create the Golden Ratio. This is a foundational concept in all great design. The Fibonacci spiral, when placed over our logo, will spiral outward, perfectly aligning with the curvature of the bottom halft of our shield.

• The shapes within our shield represent the building blocks and pathways of our students’ educational journey.

• The circle represents our students who are at the core of everything we do.

The Edmonton Digital Arts College team is elated about this transition, and look forward to developing and sharing the EDAC story as we progress into this new and exciting phase for our school.

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