Edmonton Digital Arts College & the Art Gallery of Alberta present PRESTO LUMO


Edmonton Digital Arts College & the Art Gallery of Alberta present PRESTO LUMO

Ten months ago, Edmonton Digital Arts College was approached by the Art Gallery of Alberta to collaborate on an exciting project to conceptualize and create the next BMO World of Creativity exhibition that we named PRESTO LUMO! All of this takes place in an interactive gallery that is a hands-on space where children (and the young at heart) can engage their creativity through art exploration and have meaningful (and fun!) experiences.

At Edmonton Digital Arts College, we believe in, and practice, experiential education. We also believe in supporting our community. As well, we believe in thoughtful collaboration. Most importantly, we believe in, and champion, everyone’s expression of their creativity. This opportunity with the Art Gallery of Alberta embodied all of the things we value as an educational institution, and as creative professionals, in Edmonton. We are honoured to have been trusted with this task, and thrilled to share it with you!

On July 26th, PRESTO LUMO will open it’s doors to the public! Delve into a magical realm where nothing is as simple as it seems, and where the lines of real life and the imagination blur. Discover how colour, light and perspective are manipulated to reveal optical illusions and hidden perspectives in this wondrous optical playground.

Explore the history and innovation of art through searching, drawing and kinaesthetic activities. Uncover how artists of the past used optics and visual perception to create a wide range of 3D effects that are still in use today, then interact and experiment with art fundamentals to create unique illusions of your own.

We are thrilled to have this ongoing partnership with the AGA and the opportunity to work with an institution of creative professionals we highly respect. Our sincerest thanks to Dara, Laura, Clint, Dani, Charles, Spyder and the rest of the AGA team. We can’t wait for PRESTO LUMO to open!

And finally, the entire EDAC faculty and staff have been working tirelessly to bring this exciting and imaginative project to life. For the above and beyond commitment to this project; Lee Nielsen, Owen Brierley, Tom Rhodes, Jeremy Pudlowski, Cody Schiebelbein, Heiko Ryll, Mark Barazzuol, Erin Hazen, Tami Ambury and Owen Murray, thank you. Your time and efforts are invaluable and immensely appreciated. Thank you for having high standards, for being people of integrity, and for all you do for EDAC!




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