EDAC’s New Neighbors Boost Creative Industries Presence at the Orange Hub

In January, we were excited to move our school to the Orange Hub for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest was that the facility was formerly the Centre for the Arts for MacEwan University. After MacEwan U moved out, there were dozens of spaces that had once served as photo studios, sound recording spaces, film production spaces, and visual design rooms. Of course we saw potential behind every classroom door, and started working with the City of Edmonton to determine how we could get some space for our college at the Orange Hub.

Around the same time, we started sharing the story of our excitement with our friends at the Edmonton Screen Industries Office (ESIO), and the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta team (FAVA). We pitched the idea of a creative hub of organizations that could benefit from shared proximity to each other. Their reaction was unanimous. They saw the same potential we did in the space and immediately began negotiating for space in the building as well.

Last month, in April, we were excited to see FAVA move in, and just last week, we saw that ESIO was moving in. It is exciting to see new creative life start to take shape in the Hub. Our students are connected to a thriving community of working professionals. As we explore ways to collaborate with our neighbors, we will doing our part to encourage greater involvement between the various screen industries in the city. EDAC is one of the those places where it is vital to be both comfortable with today’s tools and technologies, as well as having a solid foundation in the time-honoured techniques that separate those who understand design from those who merely understand how to use design tools. As EDAC’s “Digital Dumbledore,” Owen Brierley, always says, “all carpenters use hammers, but not everyone who uses a hammer is a carpenter. So it is with design and tools like PhotoShop.”

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