EDAC in Residence Helps Teachers Power Up Their Knowledge

IMG_0293One of the programs that the Edmonton Digital Arts College has been offering for several years is the EDAC in Residence Program. This program is available to all of Edmonton’s Public and Separate High Schools free of charge. This program was developed by Heiko Ryll, EDAC’s Learning Activator.

Today, 3D Modelling and Animation instructor Cody Schiebelbein, is working with the teachers from Archbishop O’Leary High School to bring them up to speed on Autodesk’s Maya. The teachers at O’Leary have started the transition to the new software and are eager to learn the best practices for how to make 3D animations. Often, complex technologies are difficult enough to understand. The pressure for high school teachers to keep up while maintaining diverse classrooms and multiple disciplines means that these teachers are hungry for an optimized learning experience. EDAC’s faculty is adept at delivering optimized learning experiences that ensure every learner is getting what they need.

“Cody has a great teaching style! I have learned a ton already,” says one of the participants.

EDAC developed the “in Residence” program to answer the call from many high school teachers who were constantly feeling lost in a world of hyper-technology. As EDAC’s Executive Director Owen Brierley puts it,  “this program supports our community and also helps us influence the attitudes, skills and knowledge that our future applicants will have. The more we can do to help our high schools produce graduates that match the entry requirements for our programs, the less time we have to spend doing remedial work.”

If you are interested in EDAC’s in Residence program, please email us at info (at) myedac.ca for more information.

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