EDAC Announces Research & Innovation Chair, Dr. Patrick Finn

patrick_finnThe Edmonton Digital Arts College (EDAC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Patrick Finn as the inaugural Chair of Research & Innovation. Dr. Finn is a globally recognized expert in performance and technology with a deep knowledge of transmedia, media arts, and new models of research, teaching, and learning.

EDAC is committed to preparing the creative professionals that define the 21st Century. Dr. Finn shares our values and ideals, and grounds his work in the types of creative and professional practice that resonates with our mission. His experience with arts groups, governmental and nonprofit organizations, and in the private sector, aligns with our belief that the digital arts are the centre of the diversification of Edmonton, Alberta, and the world around us.

Dr. Finn’s work with boards, governmental organizations, and private sector groups in Alberta and abroad support our own multi-sector approach. In particular, we share Finn’s recognition that Albertans currently play a central role in the future of arts, education, and professional practice. His work, which emphasizes the importance of practice relevant to the media forms of the future, is central to EDAC’s faculty, staff, and students.

As an artist, educator, and practitioner with a longstanding knowledge of code, Dr. Patrick Finn’s belief that transmedia serves to unite and inform our collective future is inspiring and aligns with our mission and practice. Dr. Finn understands the leading role of EDAC, its supporters, faculty, and students. He joins our team in recognition both of his work, and of our shared belief in the exploration of the best of research, innovation, and expression across and beyond traditional media forms.

Learn more about Patrick at: https://scpa.ucalgary.ca/drama/research/patrick-finn


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