Created to fill the growing need for qualified entry level content developers and analysts opening in the entertainment and corporate sectors.

The Video Game Design (VGD) program at Edmonton Digital Arts College was created to fill the growing need for qualified entry level content developers and analysts opening in the entertainment and corporate sectors.  Our goal is to ensure that graduates of this program are ready to step into junior level roles in a variety of entertainment and enterprise companies.

Using a uniquely artistic approach, the Video Game Design program will demystify the process of creating great game content and make it accessible to the more artistically inclined.  The program will also provide students with the opportunity to develop the necessary technical skills and languages required to succeed in todays game development environment.  Focusing on theoretical knowledge, practical application, and portfolio development; the program will guide passionate gamers and budding designers through the major game design disciplines with hands-on, project based instruction.

Graduates from this program should have the skills needed to comfortably step into a variety of entry level roles ranging from content creation, production work, and quality assurance analysis in game production or digital media production.


40 WEEKS (10 Months)








Goal: To prepare students on a path as viable candidates for junior designer positions at various game companies around the world. Have final student evaluations conducted through real world audience reaction to their work.

Create & publish a board game and post it on a crowdsourced fundraising platform like Kickstarter.

  • Idea Brainstorming
  • Game Mechanics Basics
  • Playtesting and Iteration
  • Minor Game Marketing
  • Publicly Pitching Material
Create a solo based game, in a preselected game engine like Unity, and post it on a web portal like

  • Learning a game engine
  • Basic Scripting
  • Preproduction and Prototyping
  • Scoping and Design Docs
  • Alpha, Beta and Polish
  • Publishing to a Web Portal using HTML5
Learn about visual storytelling, narrative and directing players in level design. Post a cinematic animation on Youtube.

  • Basic Story Design
  • Storyboards
  • Learning to work with Proprietary engines
  • Level Design Structure and Leading Players
  • Posting work on Youtube
Keeping up with a changing market, students publish a group project for one of a number of possible emerging game technologies and platforms including Steam, Oculus, Android/iPhone, or Xbox.

  • Group Dynamics and Teamplay
  • Agile Project Management
  • Specialized hardware / software
  • Problem Solving
  • Game Publishing
Learning how to take existing games and polishing them to industry level quality.

  • Intermediate Game Design
  • Post Mortems
  • Next Version Iteration
  • Monetization
  • Job Searching Skills
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