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The Video Game Design (VGD) diploma program at Edmonton Digital Arts College was created to fill the growing need for qualified entry-level content developers and analysts in the entertainment and corporate sectors.  Our goal is to ensure that graduates of this program are ready to step into junior-level roles in a variety of entertainment and enterprise companies.

Using a unique approach, students in the Video Game Design program develop the necessary technical and coding skills required to succeed in today’s video game development environment. The program will guide passionate gamers and budding designers through the major game design disciplines with hands-on, project-based instruction which focuses on theoretical knowledge, practical application, and portfolio development

Graduates from this program should have the skills needed to comfortably step into a variety of entry level roles ranging from content creation, production work, and quality assurance analysis in game production or digital media production.


Craig Graff, Core instructor
Caitlin Adams, Teacher’s Assistant


40 WEEKS (10 Months)






There are two intakes per year, April and September. Apply early as class sizes are limited to 15 students per intake.


Over the ten months of the Video Game Design program, you will develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to be a video game developer. All of EDAC’s programs are divided into three main phases: Foundations, Implementation and Specialization.

Upon completion of the graduation requirements, you will have earned a Video Game Design diploma.


In the first term, you will focus on understanding analog game theory by creating and publishing a board game. You will begin to develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Idea brainstorming
  • Basics of game mechanics
  • Playtesting and iterations
  • Minor game marketing
  • Pitching your concepts


In the implementation phase, you will transition from analog to digital formats.

In term two, you will apply the skills and knowledge acquired in term one to develop a solo based game. You will develop knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Understanding game engines
  • Basic scripting
  • Pre-production and prototyping
  • Scoping and design documentation
  • Phases of game development
  • Publishing to a web portal

In term three, you will begin to learn about visual storytelling, narrative, and directing players in level design. Specifically:

  • Basic story design
  • Creating storyboards
  • Learning to work with proprietary engines
  • Level design structure and leading players


In the final two terms of your program, you will continue to refine your knowledge and skills in game development, but also focus more specifically on your professional practice and marketability.

In term four, you will develop professional collaboration skills by engaging in a group project and developing a game for an emerging game technology. For example, online gaming platforms, such as Steam; VR technologies, such as the HTC Vive; games for mobile devices, such as Android or iOS; or console gaming systems, such as Xbox. This term will cover:

  • Group dynamics and team play
  • Agile project management
  • Specialized hardward/software
  • Game publishing

In term five, you will learn the art of polish and specialization and prepare to enter the job market. You will learn about:

  • Polishing games to industry-level quality
  • Analysis and critiquing
  • Developing a professional portfolio
  • Marketing your games and yourself

Your program will culminate in the presentation of your portfolio to a panel of industry professionals.

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