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“Whatever you design, use it to raise the expectations of what can be achieved.”
– Paula Scher

The Digital Media Production (DMP) Diploma program at Edmonton Digital Arts College prepares you for a professional career by developing a strong understanding of the fundamentals of visual communications theory and practice. Over the ten months of the program you will learn the foundations of design theory and content creation including basic drawing, typography, layout, web design, photography and videography for the production of digital media. In addition, you will learn the best practices of the industry and the interpersonal skills necessary to get the most out of your collaborations with others. You will finish off your program by working on a series of specialization projects that help you develop a strong professional portfolio.


Heiko Ryll, Core instructor
Jeremy Pudlowski, Core instructor


40 WEEKS (10 Months)






There are two intakes per year, April and September. Apply early as class sizes are limited to 15 students per intake.


Over the ten months of the Graphic Design program, you will develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to be a graphic designer. All of EDAC’s programs are divided into three main phases: Foundations, Implementation and Specialization.

Upon completion of the graduation requirements, you will have earned a Digital Media Production diploma.


In the first phase of your program you start by learning the foundations of visual communications and design exploring both theory and practice with traditional forms. You will begin to develop your knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Design theory and visual literacy
  • Typography, grids, and colour
  • Creative tools
  • Portfolio development


Implementation builds on the skills development begun in Foundations through practical application in a series of guided projects. You add to your growing skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Print design
  • Motion design


In the final phase of your program, you will focus on developing your professional practice and specialize in the area of design that you have the greatest affinity for. Through your self-directed specialization projects, you will develop a professional portfolio as well as skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Working with clients
  • Business communication

Your program will culminate in the presentation of your portfolio to a panel of industry professionals.

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