Designed to meet the growing need for qualified entry-level animators who demonstrate professional skills in 2D & 3D animation, storyboarding, modelling, rigging, and animating all aspects of a digital 2D or 3D environment.

The Digital Animation Production Diploma (DAP) program at Edmonton Digital Arts College is designed to meet the growing need for qualified entry-level 2D & 3D animators who demonstrate professional skills in storyboarding, 2D & 3D animation, modelling, rigging, and animating all aspects of a digital environment. As well, learners will develop a strong understanding of the processes and business aspects of the animation production cycle.

In the DAP program each student develops a unique portfolio that demonstrates a personal style and high level professional skills. Graduates from this program enter the job market showcasing the skills of animators in three areas of specialization: game design, film & video production, and architectural rendering development.


Cody Schiebelbein

Cody has just returned from an internship with Sony Pictures Imageworks. He is a BFA graduate of the University of Lethbridge specializing his degree on New Media. He is a character animator and focuses his practice on creating believable scenarios.

Logan Foster

Logan is a long time veteran of the Edmonton game development community. He has worked on a wide range of projects from mobile games to training simulators. He is a champion of Edmonton Game Camp and is actively engaged in supporting the talent in Edmonton.

Devon Carlson

Devon is a 3D artist who completed his BFA degree at the U of L in New Media. He was the president of the New Media Design Students’ Association, and recently, worked as an intern for Fluik Entertainment. Devon is passionate about sharing his experience with his students.


40 WEEKS (10 Months)







NOTE: Class sizes are limited to 15 students per class.


Understanding Digital 3D Structures

  • Curve, Bezier and SplinePolygons, NURBS
  • Subdivisions
  • Constructive Solids Geometry
  • Colour & Texture in 3D modelling
  • Rendering

Modelling 3D Objects

  • Modelling basics
  • Rigid, organic and character modelling

Texturing 3D Objects

  • Texturing, Surfaces & UV Mapping

Lighting 3D spaces


  • Organic and Rigid Object Rigging
  • Armature & Skeletal structures
  • Facial structures


  • Keyframes, Tweening, Stop Motion
  • Animation forms (realism vs. cartoon)
  • Character Animation

Camera work in 3D environments

Post-Production – Combining live action with 3D rendered scenes

Rendering Best Practices

The Business of the Business

Portfolio & Demo Reel Development

Phase 1: Foundations

Courses listed above

Phase 2: Implementation

Foundation knowledge and skills applied in the project process context

Phase 3: Specialization

Mentored work study using Implementation experience across multiple portfolio related projects.

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