Digital Designers Begin Their Specialization Phase. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind.

Today, our class of Digital Designers (Digital Media Production diploma program or DMP) begin the Specialization phase of their program. During the Specialization phase, students are given “the keys to the bus” meaning that they choose their own projects and work on those projects from pitch to completion during the phase.

One of the focus areas of the DMP program is the development of an individual’s professional practice. Through a mentored studio-based approach to learning, our students develop their own professional practice. Part of the mentorship is to observe how each student approaches, organizes and implements their work. As the student works through various projects, their mentors provide ongoing feedback to not just what they are producing, but also how they go about producing it. Everything from learning to brainstorm properly to planning time to making strong justifiable choices is observed and commented on.

During the Specialization phase, the students are somewhat left to their own devices. Why do this? It is necessary to allow the faculty to see exactly where the problem areas are that need to be corrected. For example, in order to determine how well a student manages their time, it is necessary to observe and then comment on and then help correct where needed. This is applied to all aspects of the creative process; even things like accurate forecasting of work measured against the capacity for the work. As a coach, we can see behaviours that can lead to unmanageable professional practice. For example, a student who produces excellent work might be poor at time management and pull an all nighter to complete the project. That is an unhealthy professional practice that leads to fatigue, burnout and unsustainable work capacity. Healthy professional practice leads to greater stamina, credibility with clients, and respect amongst peers.

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