Digital Alberta Awards Night

We were pleased to represent Guru at the Digital Alberta Awards. This year’s awards were particularly poignant for us because two of our students were listed as finalists in the “Student Digital Award.” The award itself is listed below as “Best in Student Innovation.” The event was a hip and classy affair hosted at the Hotel Arts in downtown Calgary. A live funk band provided the soundtrack to a lively networking event that saw the likes of many of Alberta’s (primarily Calgary’s) digital media production community out in full force to celebrate the best and brightest. 

Listed below are the winners, 4 of which went to Edmonton based companys (Red the Agency, EA/Bioware and Touchmetric). 

What was interesting was the overall feel of an I.T. focus of awards and less so on design and media. The interesting thing about digital media is that design plays an important part in any new work. So much so, that more and more Silicon Valley startups are being encouraged by the V.C. investors to include a designer in the atomic group that gets a new project going. I had a chance to chat with Cam Linke after he returned from an excursion to Silicon Valley for a workshop for young entrepreneurs and he shared this “design is at the core of everything” perspective.

My hopes for next year:

  • host the awards in Edmonton
  • gather a broader range of entries
  • explore some new awards (and re-visit old ones) in digital media design, social media, student work, and other forms that currently are falling through the cracks
  • keep the energy up and keep developing Digital Alberta as a driver of digital media production excellence in Alberta

Considering that Digital Media is now considered part of the Ministry of Culture portfolio, I think the time is ripe to re-integrate some of the best and the brightest from the arts side of the industry.

Digital Alberta 2011 Award Winners:

Outstanding Achievement Award – SMART Technologies – David Martin 
Best In Mobile Innovation – Poynt Corporation – Poynt Corp 
Best in Games Development – BigStackStudios – Sigma 
Best Use of Film, Animation or Special FX – Science Alberta – Do You Know What Nano Means? 
Best In Social Media – RED the Agency – EPCOR Blue Bucket Crew and Digital Aquarium 
Best in Digital Advertising, Marketing or Design Agency – Suitcase Interactive 
Best Digital Design – RED the Agency – EPCOR Blue Bucket Crew and Digital Aquarium 
Best in E-Learning – SMART Technologies – Mixed reality in the Classroom 
Best in Financial Services – Habanero for Servus Credit Union – Servus website 
B2C Innovation – Chaordix for Orange UK (France Telecom) – Mobile Volunteering
B2B Innovation – Touchmetric
Best in Government 2.0 – City of Calgary – 2010 Calgary Civic Election iPhone App
Best in Cross-Platform Content – EA/Bioware – Mass Effect 2
Best in Combined Hardware & Software Experience – SMART Technologies – Multitouch Interactive Whiteboard
Best in Social Impact – Suitcase Interactive for United Way of Calgary – “BeCause” Social Campaign
Best Digital Startup – Calgary Herald In-house Design team – Swerve Calgary
Best in Student Innovation – Lindsay MacDonald – University of Calgary, A Delicate Agreement


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