A Heliocentric Model of Transmedia

The media production community is gathering in Banff this week for the Banff World Media Festival. BWMF is where much of the Canadian Film and TV (TV is such an antiquated term to me) production deals are made. The time honoured process of pitching, drinking, schmoozing and closing the next great series is one that [...]

Trusting the Process is not About Control.

One of the ideas that we champion at EDAC is the need to "trust the process." This is a phrase that I first heard from Ronnie del Carmen during a Storyboarding workshop at the Banff Centre. The phrase immediately resonated for me because it was an idea that I was familiar with having worked as an [...]

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The Power of Being Uninspired.

How often do you feel uninspired? The metallic taste of envy is most poignant when you are both uninspired and observing brilliant innovative clever work out there in the world. Social media is especially great at showing you how awesome everyone else is, serving to push you deeper into that bottomless pit of desperate desire [...]

Worried You Won’t Be Accepted to the Edmonton Digital Arts College?

Over the past few months, many applicants have asked about entrance requirements. Also, as we chat with potential students, we discover that many of them think it is really tough to get into our school. Actually, the process is not about testing you to discourage you, it is designed to help us get to know [...]

The Secret Super Power of Visual Artists and Designers Revealed!

I have been working in the visual arts and design industries for a while and I have learned many things about my successful colleagues. While each of these successful professionals are unique in their own way, there are a few invariable traits that are common amongst them. One of these traits is a secret super [...]

Throwback Thursday: Projection Mapping for Sound, Light, and Motion at the Winspear!

This one isn't so much a throw as it is more of a toss to a little over a month ago when we had the privilege of working with some amazing people on Sound, Light and Motion for Make Something Edmonton. The project was an opportunity to create a projection installation in the lobby of [...]

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They’re alive…. ALIVE!

The Video Game Design class of September 2014 have completed their first individual projects! This is the culmination of 8 weeks of planning, playtesting, building and publishing. Thanks to all who helped with bringing these project to life! You can play them online! Adam http://www.kongregate.com/games/PandoricaVWorks/through-the-woods     Aubrey http://www.kongregate.com/games/DaedalusGames/jims-grim-story     Ben http://www.kongregate.com/games/Wiredoncoffee/domimotion     [...]

Sharing the Spotlight and the Power of Inclusion

Having a career in theatre taught me some powerful things about teamwork, ego and the necessity of inclusion. Building a show requires so many people of diverse talents and skills. As an actor on the stage, I would take a bow and think about all the folks who weren't standing there, yet their contribution to [...]

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