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Team W.E.A.K. EDAC wins the grand prize in the 48-hour Anti-Racism Film Challenge!

Back in February, EDAC hosted the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation's 48-hour Anti-Racism film challenge. Participants had 48 hours to create a short film on the theme of ending racism and were given either a quote or a prop that they had to incorporate into their film. All the teams worked tirelessly over the weekend to [...]

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Building Bridges into the Unknown – Human Library Session at Canada Council’s Arts in a Digital World Summit

Field notes from Owen Brierley (notes source provided by Patrick Finn) On Friday March 17th, 2017, I was invited to host a Human Library as part of the Canada Council's Arts in a Digital World Summit. The Summit was a gathering of arts professionals from a diverse range of disciplines. For our Human Library I [...]

48 Hour Anti-Racism Film Festival YEG

When faced with issues in our society, creative people create. We sing, dance, act, film, improvise, interact, and engage audiences on the topics that affect us the most. February is Black History Month, and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is in March. EDAC is honoured to be hosting the Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation's annual 48 Hour [...]

Digital Designers Meet Their Portfolio Mentors

On Friday, February 10th, our Digital Media Production (DMP) diploma program students presented their mid-term portfolios to a group of EDAC alumni. Much like the popular TV series "the Voice," our DMP students were auditioning to see which of the alumni would agree to be their portfolio mentor. Our faculty selected three graduates of our [...]

Edmonton High Schools gather at Jubilee Auditorium for Youth Design Expo

The Youth Design Expo, a showcase of exceptional digital media talent from Edmonton's high schools, makes its debut tomorrow night at the Jubilee Auditorium. Also known as #YDE2017, it brings together high school student work in photography, short film, animation and even a projection mapping installation. "We are very excited about the wide range of [...]

Game Jam at EDAC

This last weekend saw another exciting event hosted at Edmonton Digital Arts College — Game Jam! Over the 48-hours of the weekend, competitors worked feverishly in multidisciplinary teams to create a complete video game, start to finish. Six teams comprising 26 participants competed for top honours. First prize was a $50 Steam gift card, second [...]

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No learning pain? No learning gain.

Ever been frustrated with something you are unfamiliar with? Ever struggled to remember something or fumble a chord progression or muddy the proportions drawing a nose on a face? Anytime you are struggling with or frustrated by something unfamiliar, you are learning. Depending on how you react determines what you will learn. Some things you [...]

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Excuse me!

There is a polite productivity killer that, despite its acceptable facade, leads to the demise of any progress you want to make. The excuse. The excuse is a factual, justifiable, reasonable, relatable, and unintentional way to argue for your limitations. Success requires that you argue against your limitations. I have every reason to excuse myself. [...]

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EDAC is proud to be part of Madjam 2015 as it kicks off with Global Gamejam at Startup Edmonton!

Students working on cinematics projects. Students and faculty from EDAC will be part of the Global Gamejam hosted by Madjam this weekend at Startup Edmonton. Over the course of the weekend, participants will create video games based on a theme in 48 hours. This isn't the first time we have participated in Global [...]

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