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Sound, Light & Motion

Last night, the Edmonton Digital Arts College had the pleasure of participating in a collaboration with Make Something Edmonton, Catch the Keys and several maker/creatives as part of a live performance of a soundtrack being recorded by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra and Pro-Coro for Niobe Thompson's new documentary series called "The Great Human Odyssey" for [...]

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Slinging Pixels: the building of Make Mine Love – Part 2 – graphic design elements

In this post, Jasmine Abbey (EDAC instructor and illustrator/graphic designer), shares her perspectives on her work on "Make Mine Love." The task: materialize Bob Baker’s imagination for Tom Wood's new play "Make Mine Love." There was a lot involved. 1938, Technicolour posters, Hollywood studio lots, New York skyline, a lot of neon lights and newspaper [...]

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Slinging Pixels: the building of Make Mine Love – Part 3 – scene by scene

In this post we look at each of the scenes in Make Mine Love that had some form of digital media production involved and how. Opening - Ghosts in the Film Studio.   As Hobart (Alex McCooeye) makes his way through the memorabilia, these ghosts come to life and fleetingly shine on the remnants of props [...]

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3D Animation Production Diploma Curriculum Outline

Curriculum Outline Understanding Digital 3D Structures Curve, Bezier and SplinePolygons, NURBS Subdivisions Constructive Solids Geometry Colour & Texture in 3D modelling Rendering Modelling 3D Objects Modelling basics Rigid, organic and character modelling Texturing 3D Objects Texturing, Surfaces & UV Mapping Lighting 3D spaces Rigging Organic and Rigid Object Rigging Armature & Skeletal structures Facial structures Animation Keyframes, [...]

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Video Game Design Students Publish their First Projects!

Over the past several weeks, our Video Game Design class has been hard at work developing their original video games. They have now published their games, and you can check them out online! Under the guidance of our Video Game Design and 3D Animation Production facutly (Mark Barazzuol, Cody Schiebelbein, and Meaghen Hicks), this group [...]

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Guru Student Appointed Artist In Residence at Happy Harbor Comics

HUGE EXCITING NEWS for one of our Illustration & Sequential Art Students! Please join us in congratulating Andrew Jackson, newly appointed Artist In Residence at Happy Harbor Comics!  We couldn't be happier for Andrew, who reached out to Guru from his home in Uganda (after spending time in Edmonton and meeting with Guru Alumni Kyle [...]

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LEARNAPALOOZA! At Guru Digital Arts College

The faculty at Guru Digital Arts College want to share an afternoon of education and inspiration with YOU! Register now for up to four free sessions! Learn about Photography & Lighting, Typography, Video Game Design, Colour Theory, Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation and Composite Photography!  Space is limited, and additional session dates will be added if [...]

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This year we co-hosted the biggest mixer event we have ever had the pleasure of being a part of! The creative force of our Edmonton community was palpable as our 30+ presenters brought their cleverness and resourcefulness to add their part to the Enchanted Fall! [View the story "The Enchanted Fall" on Storify]

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So You Wanna be the Mayor of Edmonton…

Pre-emptive note: I am a supporter of Don Iveson. This piece is going to support Iveson. If you feel my opinion is flawed, that is a your opinion and you are entitled to it. My story is intended for those who are still kicking the tires or aren't sure if the wagon they've hopped on [...]

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