The Power of Being Uninspired.

How often do you feel uninspired? The metallic taste of envy is most poignant when you are both uninspired and observing brilliant innovative clever work out there in the world. Social media is especially great at showing you how awesome everyone else is, serving to push you deeper into that bottomless pit of desperate desire [...]

Partnering with Avenue Edmonton magazine on an excellent adventure!

A few months ago, one of our frequent portfolio adjudicators, Pete Nguyen from Avenue Magazine Edmonton, approached us with an idea. He suggested that he work with the students in our Digital Illustration program to plan, implement, and publish an editorial illustration that he would choose after working with them all. The entire class would [...]

Worried You Won’t Be Accepted to the Edmonton Digital Arts College?

Over the past few months, many applicants have asked about entrance requirements. Also, as we chat with potential students, we discover that many of them think it is really tough to get into our school. Actually, the process is not about testing you to discourage you, it is designed to help us get to know [...]

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