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Game Jam at EDAC

This last weekend saw another exciting event hosted at Edmonton Digital Arts College — Game Jam! Over the 48-hours of the weekend, competitors worked feverishly in multidisciplinary teams to create a complete video game, start to finish. Six teams comprising 26 participants competed for top honours. First prize was a $50 Steam gift card, second [...]

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Static Motion

I don't often write review blogs, but I was fascinated by a piece I saw performed last night at the Westbury theatre and I am compelled to write about it. I was invited to a production of a piece called "Static Motion" that was a collaboration between Skyward Motion Pictures and Theatre of the New [...]

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iPhone UX redux

I admit it. I am a kooky fan of Apple products. I buy into the whole "cult of mac" mythos and revel in the Jobs keynotes. If you are not like me and dislike Apple, don't bother talking, your words will fall on deaf ears (inside joke).There is one thing that drives me bonkers though [...]

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Happy Harbor Launches Artist in Residence Program

  Happy Harbor Comics (@HHComics) 11-04-11 10:02 AM Did you know that HH's Artist-in-Residence was inspired, in part, by @gurudigi? tinyurl.com/4d57b3h #yeg#artistinresidence Our friends over at Happy Harbor are launching an awesome new program that is a first of its kind in Edmonton! The Happy Harbor Artist In Residence program is "designed to help local artists supplement their [...]

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3rd Annual Gala Guru, what a night!

Guru Digital Arts College was not fooling around last Friday (April 1st) for our 3rd Annual Gala Guru at the Art Gallery of Alberta. The Guru team and 319 (yes, it was PACKED!) of our friends & industry partners, students & graduates, and fans of all things "geek-chic" spent the evening at the stunning AGA [...]

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Digital Media Production – Graduates of the September to March 2011 intake

We have an exciting group of new graduates who have just finished Guru's 20th session of the Digital Media Production Program. Have a look at their portfolios! Hire them!   Emma Butler & at Behance Shawna Iwaniuk  Jeremy Pudlowski  Katrina Gritzfield Melissa Ziebart  Tracy White  Tyler Bacon   Bob Norris   Tanya Stafford We have one graduate from our new Interaction Design and Game Level Development program!    Andy [...]

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