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Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition

EDAC offers qualified students the opportunity to apply for advanced placement in our programs. This opportunity allows you to begin your studies at a specific point in the programs with recognition of your existing post-secondary education and/or work experience.

Depending on your competencies, you may join an already running program at specific entry points. Every EDAC diploma program runs through three phases: foundations, implementation, and specialization. Depending on your needs and ability, you can join a particular class when they begin that phase. You would then work towards completion of your diploma and graduate with your cohort. Your tuition fee would be pro-rated to reflect the portion of the program you require to complete the diploma.

Who is this for?

  • Graduates of post-secondary programs related to the discipline of the specific EDAC diploma program they are applying for
  • Working professionals who have more than five years experience in the discipline of the specific EDAC diploma program and who are seeking to update their skills and portfolio

How does it work?

  • Applicants will need to provide evidence of competence based on the pre-requisites for the particular program phase they are seeking to join
  • The PLAR team reviews the application and either accepts or rejects the applicant
  • The successful applicant begins their program of study at the date the program phase begins

What is PLAR?

  • PLAR stands for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
  • PLAR is a formal review process to assess previous education and experience to determine competency levels and readiness for a particular program of study

What is the difference between the two phases implementation and specialization?

Implementation is a coached phase where learners are expected to have some theoretical and technical competence, but need practice with project planning, time management, problem solving, and generally are not quite ready for independent study.

Specialization is a mentored phase where learners are expected to plan and manage their own time, devise their own projects, and pursue their research with mentorship from the faculty.

We work with you to determine the appropriate level of competence needed for each phase.

Why can’t I just pick the phase I want to start in?

You can! We are required to maintain very specific and high standards in order to maintain our license with the Private Career Colleges branch of the Alberta Government. As such, every student we accept must have a good chance of achieving the graduation requirements of our programs.

What does it cost?

  • The PLAR review process requires time and effort from assessors to properly review your application. As a result, a one-time application fee of $200 is required. This fee is applied to your tuition if you are accepted into your program of study.
  • Tuition fees are pro-rated based on the program phase you are entering
    • Implementation Start – $11,095 (6.5 months duration)
    • Specialization Start – $5,095 (3 months duration)

Do I get a diploma?

Yes. The process is designed to address the gaps in your education and provide you with the same level of learning as any of our full-time graduates.

When do I start my studies?

All of our diploma programs follow a similar schedule so you can expect to begin your studies and join an existing cohort from either the September or April program starts.

Implementation – January 2018 or July 2018
Specialization – April 2018 or October 2018

Can I get a student loan?

Yes. You can apply for the portion of the program you will take. This can potentially cover both tuition and living expenses.

How do I get started?

Please fill out the form below and one of our leadership team will contact you to begin the process. We will answer all your questions prior to initiating any review and we will work with you to ensure you are not wasting your money.


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