Announcing our New Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition Program!

EDAC is excited to announce a great new offering that allows those interested in our programs a set of options that help address their learning needs.

We have been noticing that some of our applicants have the qualifications and experience that doesn’t require them to attend the full duration of one of our programs. These individuals have post-secondary education or work experience that has given them the foundational learning they needed, but they seek a further learning experience to put their learning into practice. This is where the Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) comes into play.

You can learn more about the program on the PLAR page!

Through the PLAR applicants can prove their competence in their field of study and join an already running cohort at key entry points. This way, you optimize your time, get credit for the hard work you have done, and get the mentored studio experience you need.

For example, let’s consider someone who has recently finished their degree in computer engineering and has had some experience with game design. Through our PLAR, that person could apply to join our Video Game Design program during the final phase of the program where that person would be able to focus on a project to build a VR experience. Or, there is a person who has been working in the graphic design industry for many years, but wants to develop their responsive web design skills. That person could apply for the PLAR and enter the final phase of the Digital Media Production program and focus on various web related projects.

You deserve credit! Not only is our PLAR a great way to optimize your time to get the learning you need, but you also save money! We only charge for the portion of the tuition that you are taking.

The post-secondary learning institutions in Alberta offer some of the best experiences available. EDAC is part of this ecosystem and offers ways to augment the excellent learning and experience you already have. Interested in the next step in your learning journey? Check out our new PLAR program and give yourself the credit you deserve.


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