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Andy Van Ee

“I had an amazing time at Guru! The workload was fast-paced and highly focused on practical, real-world situations.” – Andy

Andy showed an incredible dedication to his education and his family during his time at Guru. He commuted every week from Calgary to come to Guru’s Interaction Design and Game Level Development program. During this time he learned a variety of scripting languages including JavaScript and ActionScript. He also built applications using HTML5 & CSS3. Eventually, he delved into Python, CouchDB, and ObjectiveC. To call Andy an uber nerd is to put it mildly (his super power is regex… nuff said). By the same token, Andy had the demeanor of a laid-back dweller of cafes and art houses. He always seemed comfortable and as a result made those around him comfortable too. 

Since graduating from Guru, Andy took a full time job as a Web Developer with He  is modernizing our in-house content management system, and developing custom applications for social media and data-visualization. At nonfiction he works on websites for some clients such as the Calgary Stampede, Talisman Energy and many more. During his free time, he and his wife set up a spa at their home, and he helps her with her online presence, marketing and book-keeping.

He puts it best himself when describing his experience at Guru. “I had an amazing time at Guru! The workload was fast-paced and highly focused on practical, real-world situations. The staff were great at recognizing individual strengths and adjusting the workload to get the most out of each student.”

The future is bright for Andy, “I would like to bridge the gap between what is available in computing with what is used by the average user through exceptional user experiences. In essence, just make some really cool stuff that people love to use! The future is getting closer, and more bizarre, each day. Embrace it!”

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