3D Animation Production Diploma Curriculum Outline

Curriculum Outline

Understanding Digital 3D Structures

  • Curve, Bezier and SplinePolygons, NURBS
  • Subdivisions
  • Constructive Solids Geometry
  • Colour & Texture in 3D modelling
  • Rendering

Modelling 3D Objects

  • Modelling basics
  • Rigid, organic and character modelling

Texturing 3D Objects

  • Texturing, Surfaces & UV Mapping

Lighting 3D spaces


  • Organic and Rigid Object Rigging
  • Armature & Skeletal structures
  • Facial structures


  • Keyframes, Tweening, Stop Motion
  • Animation forms (realism vs. cartoon)
  • Character Animation

Camera work in 3D environments

Post-Production – Combining live action with 3D rendered scenes

Rendering Best Practices

The Business of the Business

Portfolio & Demo Reel Development


Program Phases

Phase 1: Foundations
Courses listed above

Phase 2: Implementation
Foundation knowledge and skills applied in the project process context

Phase 3: Specialization
Mentored work study using Implementation experience across multiple portfolio related projects.

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